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Reliance joins Bill Gates, others to invest $144 mln in U.S. energy storage

Designed to last between 4-24 hours, Ambri's energy storage systems "will break through the cost, longevity and safety barriers associated…
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Gates-Backed Battery Firm Gets Funding from Reliance, Others

Ambri Inc., a Bill Gates-backed venture that makes batteries for power grids, said it secured $144 million to build production…
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Ambri Inc. Secures $144M Financing for Battery Technology for Daily Cycling Long Duration Energy Storage Applications

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – Ambri Inc. has announced that it has secured a $144 million financing to commercialize and grow its…
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Hot Energy Storage? Liquid Metal Battery Explained

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Solar and wind power have proven themselves to be cost competitive, but energy storage is key. What if I told…
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Ambri: A Battery that Could Change the World

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Donald Sadoway, our Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Advisor, sits down with Disruptive Investing.
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TerraScale’s Energos Reno Project – Partnering with Ambri

Solar power, wind power, tidal and wave power, water mills, etc., it is the new energy infrastructure shaping our future…
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Technology Focus: Liquid Metal Batteries Look Hot (see pg.15)

Selected highlights from the February 2021 edition of The Energy Industry Times
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The Missing Link in Renewables

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Real Engineering discusses battery breakthrough solutions that impact the future of sustainable energy.
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Video: This Bill Gates Funded Battery Is About To Change The World

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When Donald Sadoway, an MIT Professor, began uploading his lectures online, he had no idea that one of his keenest…
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