Unleashing the
Power of Grid-Scale
Renewable Energy

Long Duration Energy Storage Solution

Solving the World's Biggest
Energy Problems

Ambri’s Liquid Metal™ battery technology solves the world’s biggest energy problems fundamentally changing the way power grids operate by increasing the contribution from renewable resources and reducing the need to build traditional power plants. Ambri’s sustainable, American-made batteries are built for daily cycling – even in extreme, harsh environments.

Unlike rival technologies, Liquid Metal batteries have minimal degradation and can last for over 20 years. They are not only extremely reliable but also safe – as they do not produce or emit any gases and have no possibility of thermal runaway.


Why Choose Ambri?

Ambri is scaling an advanced long duration energy storage technology that will lower the cost of shifting renewable energy to times of high demand.

Ambri Liquid Metal batteries provide:

  • Lower CapEx and OpEx than lithium-ion batteries while not posing any fire risk
  • Deliver 4 to 24 hours of energy storage capacity to shift the daily production from a renewable energy supply
  • Use readily available materials that are easily separated at the system’s end of life and completely recyclable

How Ambri Works

Ambri Liquid Metal battery technology fundamentally changes the way electric grids operate by increasing the contribution from renewable sources – enabling grid-scale solar and wind farms to replace coal, oil and natural gas peaker plants.

Use Cases

Energy Shifting

Energy Shifting

Maximize your renewable energy investment by storing excess energy when it’s not needed and discharging it when demand is high.

Capacity Firming

Capacity Firming

Increase renewable energy penetration while reducing intermittency issues to enable grid stabilization.

Renewable Integration

Eliminate dependency on carbon-emitting generation, replace aging power plants and defer costly T&D upgrades.

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

Ambri battery systems are ideal for providing ancillary services as our batteries perform best when cycled daily.

Ambri Advantage

Ambri’s Liquid Metal™ battery technology fundamentally changing the way power grids operate by increasing the contribution from renewable resources and reducing the need to build traditional power plants.

Ambri cells utilize commonly available electrode materials that cost significantly less than those in lithium-ion cells. The manufacturing of Ambri cells is far simpler and requires less capital per MWh of production than lithium-ion. Furthermore, Ambri-based systems do not require the extensive cooling, fire suppression or explosion prevention equipment as lithium-ion systems require. For these reasons, long duration Ambri-based battery systems are a fraction of the cost of lithium-ion when comparing 20-year, long duration systems.

Expect tens of thousands of cycles and decades of operation without the degradation experienced by other battery chemistries.

On site installation of pre-fabricated Ambri-based systems are more rapidly deployed than today’s energy storage technologies that require on-site system assembly. For GWh-sized deployments, Ambri-based 1-MWh systems are modular and scalable to meet demand.

Ambri battery cells are highly tolerant of over-charging or over-discharging, and are not subject to thermal runaway, electrolyte decomposition, or electrolyte off-gassing, each of which could lead to significant safety events with other cell chemistries.

Ambri batteries are responsibly produced and their materials can be reused. Ambri systems are made with commonly available and low toxicity materials that are easily recyclable.

Ambri in Action

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon negative, Ambri was selected by Microsoft to deploy its Liquid MetalTM energy storage system to reduce Microsoft’s dependency on diesel, allow for constant renewable power from any source and provide access to ancillary services markets.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to pursuing progress toward 100% renewable power and replacing diesel backup generators by 2030, while providing reliable service to our customers. The technology solutions developed by Ambri and Schneider Electric provide a pathway to accomplishing these goals,” said Upshur Quinby, Energy Innovation Manager on Microsoft’s Datacenter Advanced Development team.

“Enhancing energy storage capabilities — including implementing long duration battery solutions for datacenters — is critically important to our mission. With this partnership, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainability and taking another step in our work to support the grid with ancillary services and shifting,” adds Ehsan Nasr, Senior Design Researcher at Microsoft.

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