Batteries for clean energy


This battery will change the world

Time for change

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Innovative battery enabling a sustainable energy future

Renewable energy requires low cost, reliable safe energy storage

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Changing the energy marketplace

Meeting daily peak demand with long-duration storage

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Long term solution for grid-scale battery storage

20+ years of robust use with minimal fade

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Innovation for the power grid

Superior battery alternative to lithium-ion

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The complete energy storage solution

Low cost, flexible, long duration, and safe

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The battery that will change the world

Ambri batteries combine technological innovation with commercial applicability to solve the biggest problems

From the biggest cities to the most remote areas, from the hottest places on Earth to the frozen polar regions, Ambri will store the energy gathered from wind and solar efficiently, inexpensively and reliably.

Our technology will fundamentally change the way power grids operate, increasing the contribution from renewable resources and reducing the need to build traditional power plants.  Customers will see lower electricity bills and more reliable service. 

Think big

Solutions for customers with high energy demands

Utilities, IPPs, and developers are looking for Ambri-based systems to provide consistent, responsive electrical power for transmission and distribution grid applications as well as behind-the-meter customers that demand reliable energy, such as large industrial sites, hotels, hospitals, and datacenters.

Enables 24 hour renewable power

Electricity on days without wind or sun

As the cost of renewables declines, an increasingly larger portion of electricity will be generated by intermittent resources. However, wind and solar power generators can’t produce electricity on days without wind and sun, limiting their level of effectiveness. Grid-scale energy storage systems act as a ‘buffer’, smoothing out power from wind and solar farms, enabling their broad-scale displacement of fossil fuel generators.

Meet required renewable energy goals

Carbon free energy goals are fast approaching

For states including California, Arizona, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts and countries including France and the UK – where aggressive carbon reduction goals have been mandated – Ambri batteries will provide the low-cost, long life, long duration, minimal degradation energy storage for carbon-free energy across each 24 hour day.

Meet the needs of areas lacking energy infrastructure

Energy for hard-to-reach areas

For island nations, and hard-to-reach areas, the Ambri-based battery system makes distributed energy generation affordable and long-lasting. Onsite Ambri-based battery systems store and deliver power within microgrid energy systems and avoid the need for expensive and disruptive transmission and distribution infrastructure.

An evolution of the electric grid

Electricity demand worldwide is growing as populations and digital economies are increasing

Massive growth in the renewable energy generation market is driving expected global energy storage market growth of 6x over the next several years. By optimizing the transmission, distribution and integration of generation assets, Ambri batteries meet the demand for large-scale, affordable energy storage.

Massive infrastructure investment is needed in the electricity grid worldwide. Renewable power generation and energy storage is a smarter, faster and less expensive infrastructure improvement choice. Storage will change how electric systems are engineered – building to average demand rather than peak.