Inventing the Ambri Battery

Ambri batteries were born in the GroupSadoway lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where professor Donald Sadoway worked with David Bradwell to develop the Liquid Metal Battery technology.

David Bradwell, Ambri co-founder and CTO, played a pivotal role in advancing the Liquid Metal Battery technology while he completed his M. Eng. and Ph.D. degrees and post doctoral fellowship at MIT. Together they conducted electrochemistry research into dozens of different battery technologies, including the formula that became the Ambri Liquid Metal Battery.

Donald Sadoway, professor of Materials Science for over 40 years, taught freshmen chemistry and inspired thousands of students in their first year at MIT. He also directed the graduate program in Materials Science, and led GroupSadoway, the laboratory with its team of eager scientists that moved forward his ideas.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, knew about the work of Donald Sadoway, as he had been watching his freshman chemistry lectures online, and in 2009 came to visit him at his office at MIT. He mentioned, if there were a start-up company based on the liquid metal battery research, he would be interested in helping fund the company.

In 2010 Donald Sadoway, David Bradwell and Luis Ortiz co-founded the Liquid Metal Battery Corporation with seed money from Bill Gates and the French energy company, Total S.A. The offices were in Cambridge, Massachusetts and so they named the company AMBRI, from the heart of cAMBRIdge. Together they envisioned that the Liquid Metal Battery will be a safe, affordable electrical storage solution that will change the way electric grids are operated worldwide.

Our vision hasn’t changed since we founded Ambri: we want to change the world. With our proprietary battery chemistry, loyal and talented team members, and bold, forward-thinking investors, we are still on track to do just that.

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