Batteries for clean energy


Opportunities for game-changers

Timeline to commercial success


Ambri ships cells to integrators that develop and test systems


Integrators to offer systems to IPPs, developers and utilities


Ambri ships production cells to integrators to support initial system deployments


High volume manufacturing capacity shipping from partner production facilities


Poised for accelerated growth

The energy storage market is projected to exceed $50B in annual system revenue in 2030 and Ambri is projecting a sizable share of cell sales at that time.

Ambri has raised over $70 million in equity financing since its founding in 2010. Ambri’s investors include Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures, Total, KLP Enterprises, and Building Insurance Bern (GVB). Our investors share a long-term belief that our electricity storage technology will transform the electric power industry everywhere.

Partners and licensees

Ambri’s cells are currently manufactured internally. The cell’s simple design and manufacturing process allow for low-cost, high volume production facilities in different regions of the world.

Ambri is interested in working with manufacturers that have demonstrated success producing high quality and low-cost energy products to help meet the anticipated demand for energy storage installations worldwide.

Energy storage integrators

The Ambri Liquid Metal Battery is an opportunity for integrators to provide turnkey energy storage solutions for utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), and developers. Integrators build systems around Ambri’s cells to deliver long-lasting, long-duration storage services.

Ambri facility

Ambri batteries are currently produced in our 40,000+ square foot facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, a 40 minute drive from downtown Boston. We now have 40 hard-working colleagues on our growing team. The facility is designed for fabrication and testing of our commercial cell products.

Future plans include partnerships for cell manufacturing facilities in each major region of the world.

A unique, patented solution

The Ambri batteries were created from patented technology developed by Ambri and the GroupSadoway lab at MIT. Our IP Portfolio contains more than 30 issued patents. These broad patents cover multiple chemistries, cell construction, cell interconnects, system design, controls and manufacturing processes in a field where our technology remains peerless.